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Jeanne A. Paz, MD

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A cyst on your face or another area of your body may appear alarming, but in most cases, cysts are nothing to worry about. Jeanne Paz, MD, of Nassau Bay Dermatology in Webster, Texas, is a skilled dermatologist with more than 27 years of experience diagnosing and removing cysts on your skin. If you’re concerned about a cyst, seek the highest standard of dermatology treatment in Webster and the surrounding communities. Call or book online to schedule an appointment today.

Cyst Q & A

What is a cyst?

A cyst is a closed sac in your skin that’s typically benign, or noncancerous. The three most common types of cysts that you may have on your body include:

  • Epidermal (sebaceous) cyst
  • Trichilemmal (pilar) cyst
  • Milium cyst

An epidermal cyst can move freely under your skin and is one of the most common types of benign skin tumors. Epidermal cysts often develop on your face, neck, or back. Trichilemmal cysts are similar to epidermal cysts, but usually only occur on your scalp and develop several of them at once. Finally, milium cysts are usually on your face, around your eyes, and appear as firm, white-colored pimples.

When should I see a dermatologist for a cyst?

In most cases, you don’t need medical treatment for a cyst unless it’s painful or its location is bothersome. If you do have a cyst and experience any of the following signs, make an appointment with Dr. Jeanne Paz so she can evaluate the cyst and prescribe an appropriate course of action:

  • The cyst grows rapidly
  • It ruptures or becomes infected
  • It’s in an odd location on your body
  • It’s in a spot that gets irritated by your clothing or physical activity
  • You don’t like how it looks cosmetically

Dr. Paz has the expertise to determine the type of cyst you have and how to remove it, if necessary.

How does a dermatologist remove a cyst?

In some cases, if you and Dr. Paz decide that removing your cyst is the best course of action, she may be able to inject the cyst with medication to reduce swelling and shrink it.

Or, another method of cyst removal involves an incision and drainage. Through a small incision, Dr. Paz gently squeezes out the contents of the cyst so your skin can heal normally. With incision and drainage, the cyst may regrow.

If you need to get rid of the entire cyst, Dr. Paz surgically removes it and you most likely need stitches in the area as your skin heals. This method typically prevents cysts from recurring in the same spot. Before surgical removal, Dr. Paz may first inject the cyst to shrink it or help it become less inflamed.

If you have a cyst that bothers you for cosmetic reasons or it’s painful, call the office to speak with a member of the friendly team, or schedule an appointment online.